Marketing to your perfect tenant

Posted on Tuesday, September 28, 2021

All landlords know the value of a good, long-term tenant. It means less turnover, less stress, more profit and a well looked after investment. How do you find this perfect person though? The answer lies in targeted marketing…

Marketing is incredibly important to make your property visible to potential tenants, and your marketing efforts will yield even better results if you focus on your marketing efforts to a targeted audience! Here are few ways in which you can use targeted marketing to find the perfect tenant:


1.     Do your homework – Remember, different people look for different amenities in a home. So, you first need to make a list of amenities that your property is offering.  Next, you need to customise your marketing strategy based on the target audience.  Apart from the property, also make a list of features in the areas that the property is situated in.


2.     Use the power of social media – Tenants and prospective tenants are leveraging the power of social media to find accommodation. So, if you are a property owner, the first step is to create and optimise your social media accounts. Post pictures of your property, share your property in groups related to people looking for rental property and more.


3.     Get personal – The only way to attract potential tenants is to stand out from the crowd. So, it is better to go personal in your communications. One effective way to market to a targeted audience is by bringing personalisation and building a genuine connection.


4.     Location is important – Location is quite an important deciding factor when it comes to renting properties. For example, if there is a university nearby, you should target your marketing efforts to students. If you are targeting families, highlight the benefits of the location such as proximity to schools, the station, stores, and other transport options.


5.     Look through the eyes of the tenant – When it is your property, you always see the good points, but you are not the one who is going to live there. Look at the property through the eyes of the people who will actually live in it. If you do not live in the area of the property, you need to make yourself familiar with the surroundings. Look out for things that a tenant will look out for in and around your property and compare the price of your property with the others being offered in the area.


Happy tenants not only feel well treated, but they also keep the property in a good condition. Problems with tenants will not only cost you money but also result in stressful situations. Finding a tenant over and over can be tough, so it’s important to make the right choice of tenant the first time around.


Get in touch if you are a landlord looking for your perfect tenant! We’re here to help.

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