Children at Stratford Primary School given a taste of life as an estate agent

Posted on Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Children at Stratford Primary School were given a taste of life as an estate agent recently when Camilla Smith, Associate Partner, tested their house-selling skills. 


As part of their Careers Pathway programme Camilla visited to help Year 5 with their English lesson on set text Skelig.  The children were tasked with creating a set of sales details that used positive language to sell a horrible house.   Camilla said “It was about using language creatively to find a way of making something horrible sound positive, so instead of a house falling down, it would be ‘a great opportunity for a rebuild’, and about using adjectives and synonyms.  They did brilliantly and knew a lot more than I probably expected them to. Considering they’re ten years old, I was amazed at what they knew, talking about detached and semi-detached, terraces and even acreage of land.  They got super excited and absolutely smashed it.”


Following  Camilla’s visit, the pupils prepared their own set of sales details to promote the property which we have turned into a brochure for them. We are very impressed with their imagination and creativity wanted to share our favourite bits:


  • The garage has a bin full of dead animals bones which could be used as toys for your younger ones
  • The garden is full of stinging nettles that could be used as an obstacle course for your children and relatives
  • The master bedroom at the front has a beautiful sky view, with a one of a kind sunset at 6pm
  • The special feature of this house is the garden that has a wonderful swing, and a hot tub for Mum and Dad.
  • There is a man in the garage but not to worry, he is no bother and can help you with garden chores including cutting plants and doing the lawn.
  • If you are looking for a fairy-tale home, it has a cone shape roof so it looks like a tower or palace.
  • The chimney is extremely tall and the pointy things on the roof are exquisite.
  • An antique rusty oven sits on top of the cupboard and a partially working tap. The stove is in good condition but needs modernisation and electricity like most things.
  • The garden is very long and have space for football goals but still have lots of space to run around. It’s like being in Africa where the lions live.
  • I love the kitchen because when you cook something in the oven, it will always taste good
  • The peppermint green tone of the garage is rather nice and you could definitely fit a Jaguar in there


Who knows, maybe one or more of these budding agents will join the ranks of Peter Clarke in years to come!

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