The best quick bathroom design ideas to help sell your property

Posted on Monday, March 21, 2022

Many property searchers consider the bathroom as a key selling point when buying a property. If the bathroom is a bit naff, it can certainly put a buyer off. So, what will make your bathroom capture the attention of buyers and keep those offers coming in?


A quick redecoration is not a huge undertaking. In fact, most people do a little paint refresh when they buy a property.


But re-doing the bathroom is a much bigger task and can cost thousands of pounds.


Because of this, many property searchers consider the bathroom as a key selling point when buying a property. If the bathroom is a bit naff, it can certainly put a buyer off.


So, what will make your bathroom capture the attention of buyers and keep those offers coming in?


Quirky but tasteful design features will draw attention and make your home stand out, even if you have a relatively plain bathroom suite. It is possible to give a bathroom a real wow factor, even if you keep the suite itself the same. 


As long as it is in good condition and not dated, you can spruce it up quickly.


A scalloped edge or coloured suite is definitely dated and might not spruce up as well. But a plain and simple bathroom is a great starting-off position. 


Get it clean: First and foremost, the bathroom must be clean. There is no way you will make a positive statement if the grout is discoloured and the sealant is mouldy. 


Add some colour: Look at the current trends for colours and wallpapers. Bathrooms are often either muted and relaxing or bright and vibrant. Add a touch of colour to stand out from the usual clinical white bathrooms.


Let there be light: Bathroom lighting is often overlooked, but it is a room that requires lots of light (have you ever tried to put make-up on in a dark room??) You could either install a statement light fitting or add a mirror light to change things up. Mood lighting, dimmer bulbs, coloured lighting, or floor lamps are all options. Have fun with the lighting in your bathroom. Perhaps you can find a way to have ambient mood lighting for a relaxing evening soak, but also bright lights for getting ready for your day?


Plants: House plants are big business at the moment. Having plants in your home can be a source of pleasure. Indoor gardening relieves stress, boosts creativity, productivity and focus, and promotes recovery. There's some evidence that houseplants may positively influence the air quality in your home as well. Why not have a hanging plant in the corner of your bathroom? Or maybe a large pot plant on a windowsill? 


Beautiful bottles: Rather than having brand packaging on display for all of your lotions and potions in the bathroom, why not decant the products into matching bottles or dispensers? Everything matching will look lovely.


Towels. Fancy, guest, fancy guest (if you know, you know): Consider having some 'show' towels displayed in the bathroom. Rolled up and stacked neatly, or perfectly folded and placed on a shelf. Big fluffy towels add a sense of luxury.


Mirror, mirror on the wall: A mirror is a must in any bathroom, but why do you have to play it safe? Why not have a statement mirror? Have some fun and make a statement with the mirror's shape, size, or design.


It's art, daahhhling: Why not hang some pictures? Of course, this room has water and steam at high levels, so maybe not your most valuable pieces, but a fun print will quickly and easily brighten things up.


A bottle of bleach is not an ornament!: Hide all of your cleaning products. Put them away in a cupboard so that they can not be seen. We all use them, but you don't need to see the bleach stored down the side of the toilet or a grubby old cloth stuffed under the sink.


Perhaps we could all try to be a little more 'Downton'?: In shows like Downton Abbey, which exude opulence and grandeur, there is almost always a chair in the bathroom. Replicate this in your humble abode with a fun armchair.


Time to relax: Get a bath tray for your scented candle and to hold your book (and wine glass) whilst you soak away your stresses. This shows how relaxing your bathroom can be and evokes emotions in the buyers' minds when they see the photographs online. 


A bathroom that instantly looks like a beautiful place to relax, or a fun, vibrant room full of colour, it will capture the attention of viewers when they're searching for a property.


If your home grabs attention, it will naturally generate more clicks to the full brochure, leading to more viewing appointments and subsequently more offers!


If you want some tips or advice on how you could maximise the sale price of your home, get in touch with our expert team today!


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