What should you do with your property marketing during the summer holiday season?

Posted on Monday, July 18, 2022

Summer is a wonderful time to sell your home. A peak of activity in every estate agent's calendar. 


Property sellers have more viewings, and offers come in a little quicker.


This could be because the kids are off school, so there is no 'school run' drama and after-school clubs to consider.


Or people are 'off' work or reduced hours because of childcare through school holidays.


And, let's be honest, it is much nicer to walk around looking at properties in nice weather rather than battling the elements.


A lovely summer's afternoon of house hunting is quite a contrast from running through wind and rain to the front door. Not really taking anything about the property in until you get inside. Disrobing coats, hats, scarves and shoes before you've even seen anything. 


Everything is just 'better' in summer, isn't it?


Whatever the reasons, the summer property market always heats up (sorry, terrible pun!) and the number of sales increases. 


It could be because many people are looking to move home before Christmas, or at least by the end of the year. 


The legal system takes around 3 months for the average sale to complete, so if you are looking to move house by Christmas, ideally, you need to have started that process by September. 


But, summer is also the holiday season. Many of us go away on holiday, sometimes for several weeks.


So, what should you do if you plan a big summer getaway and also want to sell your home?


Speak to your estate agent. 


Let them know that you're going away and make sure that there is a plan in place for your marketing.


Viewings - have a plan for viewings to be accompanied by your estate agent, arrange for a friend or family member to show the property, or pause viewings until you return. 


In theory, your estate agent can arrange a date for viewings to be booked before you go and then another date for when you return. This way, you'll have several appointments condensed into one or two dates rather than spreading them throughout the summer. 


Surveys - if you're lucky enough to accept an offer before you go, make sure to leave a key with the agent so they can give access to the property to the surveyor. 


Otherwise, the buyer's mortgage application will be stalled by your holiday, and the all-important pre-Christmas completion date could be jeopardised. 


Gardens - in summer, gardens will grow! Lots! If you plan to go on holiday for a few weeks, you'll likely come home to a jungle. 


This is usually not a problem, but when you are trying to sell your home, you want to put your best foot forward to entice a buyer and try to get an offer. This will likely be hindered if you present them with a jungle. 


It may be a good idea then to arrange for a gardener (or a lovely friend!) to pop round whilst you're away and cut the grass to keep on top of things.


Holidays should not cause any issues when selling a property; you just need to be a little organised before you go. 


And what would be better than getting a phone call from the agent with an offer whilst you are sitting at the beach bar? 


Pina colada, anyone?


If you want to sell your home before Christmas, contact our expert team today to get the ball rolling.

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What should you do with your property marketing during the summer holiday season?

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