We Are The Market

Posted on Tuesday, March 2, 2021

We Are The Market

We are delighted to be writing to you to announce that our new property portal, wearethemarket.co.uk, launched on February 14th and you may have already noticed the pink boards as you drive around.

The portal was conceived when a group of like-minded Estate Agents decided to take back control of the marketing of our clients’ properties and make them the star of the show again. wearethemarket.co.uk is owned, built, and run by local, reputable Independent Estate Agents who have an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and experience of the local property market. By having control, we can innovate and make searching for a property though our site a more beneficial, relevant and enlightening experience.

When we sell or rent houses, we are also marketing the area, the community and sometimes a lifestyle. Existing portals fail to do this and so ours will have a ‘Look Local’ feature which will ensure that the environment and surroundings are part of the story that goes with your property. It will give a platform for local businesses and charities to promote themselves, their events and will help house hunters find their idea house in their ideal location.

By having comprehensive and informative pages dedicated to each local area, coupled with a beautiful, simple to use website featuring local properties, we strongly believe we have identified the winning formula to ensure that both buyers and sellers need look no further to find their perfect property.

Our portal is initially being launched exclusively by 28 agents with a total of 53 offices in Coventry and Warwickshire representing over 4000 or 80% of properties of all Local Independent Agents. However, since we broke cover, we have gained national interest and so we firmly believe that in no time at all we will expand our coverage to bordering towns, cities and counties making our website a game changer in the property portal market.

Promotion of the site

Our PR and Social Media campaigns are gaining momentum day by the day and we recently announced Jason Robinson OBE, England Rugby World Cup Winner, as our Lead Ambassador. Please see our interview on LinkedIn Jason Robinson OBE Interview

What makes our initiative truly unique however is that every staff member of our Estate Agency member firms will be Ambassadors for wearethemarket.co.uk This means they will advocate the portal to clients and sign them up for searches and alerts.

We will also be adding our new portal’s livery to all our For Sale and To Let boards making it impossible to miss us.

Once local businesses and organisations are onboard too, they will also be promoting wearethemarket.co.uk

At Peter Clarke, we are proud to be involved with wearethemarket.co.uk and look forward to offering you, our clients a high quality marketing platform that we can maintain control of.

We hope you like it and we send our best wishes for a much better year.

Michael Hawkins

Partner, Peter Clarke & Co

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