Development Advice

The partners have been involved in a wide variety of Industrial / Office / Mixed Use Commercial & Residential Development projects in the Midlands.

We therefore understand what developers and investors requirements are as well as understanding the needs of occupiers.

Let us have an opportunity of putting this experience to good use on your behalf.

We can provide:

  • Market analysis on anticipated demand / take up for a proposed scheme and comment on where the competition lies.
  • Views on quoting terms and anticipated realisation figures, together with any concessions that would have to made to occupiers and the likely void period whilst occupiers are identified and commitments secured.
  • Recommendations on building specification and unit sizes. This will ensure the development will appeal to as wide a cross section of the market as possible including the investment market where onward sale to a fund / property company or private concern is proposed.
  • Advice on alternative uses.
  • Development appraisals to help establish the viability in conjunction with other professional advisors.
  • Assistance with site assembly where additional property holdings need to be acquired to produce the desired scheme.
  • Advice on the appointment of any specialist consultants such as Architects, Town Planners, Structural or Civil Engineers or Environmental Consultants as necessary.
  • Our marketing expertise to promote the proposed end product.

For a detailed consultation as to how we may be able to help contact us at: -

Development Advice

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