Property Searches & Acquisitions

Finding the right commercial property to suit a specific business use can be time consuming.

You also need a considerable amount of knowledge and expertise to ensure you secure premises on reasonable market terms without falling fowl to the many pitfalls that you may encounter.

We can help make the process easier and offer professional advice and support to ensure you achieve the best result.

Our service includes:-

  • A comprehensive search to identify both on and possible off market opportunities.
  • A thorough inspection of the any short listed properties as required.
  • Advice on appropriate offer terms following a review of each property.
  • When commitments are made to lease premises it is important prospective tenants appreciate what they are signing up to and are not being expected to undertake to do more than they had bargained for!
  • We will review leases and work with you and your advisors so you fully appreciate what you are committing too.
  • Where an opportunity exists to amend terms in your favour this will be fully exploited.
  • Undertaking negotiations on your behalf to ensure attractive terms are secured.
  • Liaising with solicitors and any other relevant professionals involved so matters proceed as quickly and smoothly as possible to an early and satisfactory conclusion.
  • Advice on the appointment of any specialist consultants such as Town Planners, Architects, Building Surveyors and Environmental Engineers to ensure your interests are protected.

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