Property Management

We can provide a broad range of Property Management services encompassing the following:-

  • Issue rent, insurance & service charge demands and make collections for you.
  • Undertake inspections to ensure tenants are adhering to their lease covenants.
  • Oversee any queries your tenant/s may have and liaise with you as appropriate.
  • Make recommendations on sub lettings, assignments or alterations proposed to your premises by tenants often at their cost.
  • Notify you of impending rent reviews and lease expiry’s and provide advice on how best to proceed.
  • Assist and advise on any repair issues necessary.
  • Prepare schedule of dilapidations (A detailed list of defects/wants of repair to the property that the tenant is liable to rectify in accordance with their repairing liability in the lease) and undertake negotiations on your behalf so your property is kept/returned in the state it should be.
  • Project co ordinate refurbishments and upgrades to your premises.
  • Offer advice on insurance reinstatement values. Assist with dealing with insurers queries for you.
  • Business Rates Mitigation.
  • Disposal advice – Sales or Lettings.

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